Is Mother Earth healing herself?

We have been awestruck, dumbfounded, and terrified by the way an “easy” virus has been attacking the human race, which broke out in Wuhan, a city in Hubei province of China, in December 2019.

It has been reported that the majority of the cities which were attacked first by a coronavirus, were situated near the equatorial line. It has spread elsewhere in the world.

Iran reported its first case of publication coronavirus on February 19. Three days afterward, Italy reported its first case on February 22. At that time, South Korea was using its biggest spike.

In the previous four months, the virus has spread into over 180 countries and territories and also has claimed over 70,000 lives.

Spain reported over 13,000 deaths, while New York has been announced as having the highest amount of coronavirus infection in the USA.

Many notions, remedies, and cures have circulated on social networking platforms because of the coronavirus epidemic. Some even went as far as inventing alternate therapy for the pandemic.

Individuals around the planet made platforms for many religious ‘duas’ in various parts of the earth. I am all for it and have participated in a number of those prayer ceremonies.

I could provide different information, but I think everybody is aware of that. When Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg gave her first speech on saving the environment, distinct quarters came up with conspiracy theories to demonstrate that she had been set up by a few corporations.

Nobody took note that mother nature was screaming along with her lungs telling us that she was suffocating, and needed to heal. People like Greta were granted voices on behalf of her.

It’s not only Greta, a lot more like her in various parts of the planet have been trying point at things we had been doing wasn’t right, and when we wanted to live, our ways have to be changed.

A couple of months ago, Greta reiterated the demand for saving the Earth. She stated that she may have been affected by coronavirus mildly, but because Sweden simply examines the severe cases, she has not been examined.

She called upon all to rescue the planet and stated “We must fight the climate crisis and the pandemic simultaneously.”

We failed to slow down the carbon emission after the iceberg of Antarctica pumped at an alarmingly fast pace, resulting in the sea levels rising. In addition, the ice in the Arctic region has also been melting at a really alarming rate since 2016.

But the world leaders did not do much.

The majority of the wildfires were caused by human errors. In 2019, Australia saw the worst bushfire recorded in years, which destroyed over 12 million hectares of land. Canada and the USA have experienced bushfires often too.

The image from our neck of the woods is somewhat grimmer. In Bangladesh, we failed to rescue our canals and rivers, anyone who has tried to go on a river cruise around Buriganga knows it.

The pitch-dark water provides out a stench, which is enough to suffocate anyone nearby. Yet, we survive the smell and hold our breaths till we go to some part where the water becomes clearer.

Most of us forget about the pitch-black water after we have returned from a joyous trip and of course submitted some nice photos on societal media.

However, there are nonetheless a few rivers such as Surma in Sunamganj, and also the haors, who are clean and fresh, but with the expanding number of visitors in those places and the surge of garbage dumping, it will become polluted.

Additionally, our sandy seashores are now full of plastic bags and other waste substances.

Pieces of plastic bottles clean away to the coast come floating together with the waves. Volunteers and cleansers are choosing bags, garbage cans, and other waste dumped on the beaches.

What I am saying is it is not enough unless every one of us makes a conscious choice of not throwing garbage on the beach and the water.

News of creatures leaving their sanctuary and walking around the localities have been broadcasted by some tv channels. According to one news report, there’s been a drop in seismic noise, the hum of vibrations around the planet’s crust, because of less motion of vehicles and the shutting down of factories.

While this is harmful to the world economy, an individual must understand that mother nature was providing signs of not being able to take all the frenzy motion by its own inhabitants, ruining its natural resources, for quite a while. Thus, who understands the virus that is obstructing our tracheal strategy, would be simply to demonstrate what the mom character feels when we had been trying to suffocate her.

Some environmentalists said when the epidemic subsides, we may observe multinationals and global economies pacing to get a quicker recovery, therefore it may produce more greenhouse gases than previously in a brief time.

Many nations will not be able to keep up with the Paris agreement pledges to reduce carbon emissions. Even then, for now, the mother earth is healing its wounds, reducing its scars, it’s breathing.

Let us find better ways to utilize the tools that have been bestowed upon us. Surely we can. We must.