Enforcing And Removing Mechanic's Liens Attorneys

At Halverson & Associates in Southern California, our Los Angeles and San Francisco mechanic's liens lawyers handle the negotiation and settlement of claims, mediate owner-contractor disputes and resolve other mechanic's lien issues between contractors, subcontractors and government entities. Whether litigating the enforcement or removal of a mechanic's lien, we have the detailed legal knowledge and skill set necessary to protect our clients' rights and investments.

Representing California Construction Professionals And Suppliers

Practicing real estate law and business law since 1970, we advise suppliers, contractors and subcontractors of their legal rights and options when it comes to filing mechanic's liens and seeking payment for their services. Because California law requires construction professionals to follow a set timetable and adhere to certain requirements in order to file a preliminary notice or record a lien, the counsel of a skilled lawyer is often invaluable.

Representing Property Owners Who Need To Remove A Mechanic's Lien

Contractor liens can result in a host of problems for a property owner, ranging from double payment for the same job to a cloud on the property title or even possible foreclosure. We assist owners with petitions to have such liens removed due to defective workmanship, improper contractor licensing, breach of contract, incomplete work and more.

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