Escrow Selection, Negotiation And Document Review

Escrow is a legal process that allows parties to exchange or transfer money and property through a third party, called an escrow agent, that works with either a "licensed" or "controlled" escrow company.

At Halverson & Associates, our San Francisco and Los Angeles lawyers provide a wide range of legal services to clients. With four decades of experience in real estate law and business law, we have established a respected reputation for providing high-quality advice and representation in these complex matters. Our escrow services include:

  • Reviewing all escrow documentation and instructions
  • Selecting and supervising escrows
  • Negotiating and coordinating escrows and title insurance
  • Resolving escrow disputes

Professional Representation In Escrow Disputes

When a real estate closing does not go as planned, escrow must occasionally be canceled. This can potentially lead to many different disputes. Sometimes the parties involved fail to comply with the escrow terms, or the escrow officer impairs the transaction through negligence of some kind. In other cases, disputes arise when the parties are not refunded their money or are asked to pay additional fees.

In California escrow disputes, Halverson & Associates diligently asserts our clients' real estate rights through mediation, negotiation or litigation. We are a law firm with a strong record of results in these types of cases.

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