Guidance For Landlords And Tenants

At Halverson & Associates, our San Francisco commercial leasing lawyers have four decades of experience providing professional legal counsel and representation to commercial and residential landlords and tenants throughout California. We are available to assist with a full array of leasing issues and related real estate law concerns, from building code and permit review to licensing and lease terminations.

The majority of our work, however, revolves around the negotiation, drafting and review of commercial and residential leasing contracts:

  • Lease negotiations: We identify our clients' goals and concerns in order to effectively negotiate with the property owner or his or her lawyers. We also have experience resolving lease disputes involving documents that have already been signed.
  • Lease drafting: Drafting commercial leases is not something that should be entrusted to an inexperienced party. Errors in wording and other seemingly small issues can potentially result in the loss of a surprising amount of time and money down the road.
  • Lease review: While real estate brokers and agents frequently assist in reviewing leases, they commonly lack the in-depth knowledge of California law necessary to foresee and forestall important problems. Our lawyers have the understanding and practical experience to effectively review leases and ensure our clients' interests are protected.

Call A Lawyer At Halverson & Associates

The attorneys at Halverson & Associates offer free initial consultations by phone, and our law firm accepts credit cards. Call us at 415-906-2634 in San Francisco to learn more about our commercial and residential leasing services. You may also email us through our secure online form.