What Is The Best Way To Resolve A Dispute Between Buyer And Seller?

When a dispute arises between buyer and seller, even the most straightforward real estate transaction can become complex. There is no universal best way to resolve real estate disputes. There may be a wide array of paths available to find a resolution, depending on a variety of factors, including the nature of the dispute itself and the provisions of the contract.

The key is to determine the best path for resolving your specific dispute and achieving your desired outcome, and that calls for the guidance of an experienced attorney. At Halverson & Associates in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we have more than 40 years of experience resolving real estate disputes between buyers and sellers.

What Type Of Dispute Does Your Case Involve?

Buyer/seller disputes involve a breach of contract of some kind. The breach may come in the form of the buyer deciding not to buy or the seller deciding not to sell.

There are a wide range of other terms and conditions that may be contained in the real estate contract, and a failure of either party to meet any one of them could lead to a breach. Examples include the seller not providing clear title, the seller not having the house, condo or commercial building ready by the agreed-upon move-in date or the seller removing furnishings or other items that were to be included in the sale. In some cases, the dispute may revolve around unclear language in the contract.

When you choose a lawyer from our law firm to handle your case, we will take the time to identify your desired outcome. Do you simply want to facilitate the completion of the transaction? Do you want to keep a down payment and obtain damages? Do you want to get a down payment back and obtain damages?

Once we understand your goals, we can determine the most appropriate path to take to achieve them. Negotiation may play a critical role. The contract may require the use of mediation or arbitration. When appropriate, we can take the matter to trial.

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