Diligent Advocacy In Quiet Title Actions, Adverse Possession Cases And More

At the law firm of Halverson & Associates, we have more than a quarter century of experience guiding California clients through the legal complexities of boundary disputes. From assisting clients with ALTA surveys, title research and easement applications to handling disputes over deed restrictions, zoning and variances, we have the professional knowledge you need to assert your rights.

From our offices in San Francisco, our boundary dispute lawyers offer either strategic negotiation or forceful real estate litigation, depending upon the client's particular legal needs and goals. We handle all types of land disputes, including those that involve:

  • Encroachment disputes arising from one party building on land that a neighboring landowner claims as his or her own
  • Easements allowing an individual or entity to use another person's land for a certain purpose, such as when a company runs lines under someone else's property
  • Adverse possession created when one party openly uses someone else's property for a certain length of time, sometimes leading to a prescriptive easement which may cause the true property owner to lose his or her rights to the land
  • Notice of pendency of action, or lis pendens, which is recorded against the property in question, creates a security interest and notifies all parties involved of pending legal action
  • Action to quiet title used to establish a party's ownership rights and quell any challenges or claims to the title

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