Protecting Your Interests In A Real Estate Dispute

No matter how diligent you are during inspections, negotiations and contract drafting, a real estate dispute is always possible. When one arises, it is critical that you take decisive action to protect your interests, and that means enlisting an experienced attorney and advocate.

At Halverson & Associates, we have earned a reputation for trusted advocacy in even the most complex real estate litigation. From law offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we serve buyers, sellers, brokers, developers and others throughout California.

We Know The Market, The Industry And The Law

Our founding lawyer, Philip J. Halverson, is also a licensed real estate broker.

Having practiced law here for more than four decades, we have become intimately familiar with the real estate market in the greater San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. We know the players involved in the local real estate industry, and the roles they play. Of course, we are well-versed in real estate law and methods of dispute resolution, and we remain updated on legal changes and adopt new techniques as they become available.

Ultimately, we know this landscape inside and out. We have the tools to protect your interests in residential or commercial real estate litigation of all kinds.

A History Of Positive Outcomes

Our law firm has a history of positive outcomes in a wide variety of legal disputes arising from real estate. Many of these disputes arise during the purchase and sale of a house, a condo, a commercial building or another type of real property. They include:

The disputes may involve any aspect of the real estate transaction, including:

In addition to disputes that arise during real estate purchases and sales, we pursue positive outcomes in other real estate-related disputes such as disagreements over boundaries, disputes between landlords and tenants over leases and other matters, disputes over construction defects, disputes over foreclosures and more.

On Your Side From Start To Finish

When you choose our law firm, you will benefit from having an experienced attorney who will stand by your side from start to finish. We make no assumptions. Instead, we take the time to listen to you so we can pinpoint your objectives and create the appropriate legal strategy. We are committed to getting the results you need, through negotiation or trial.

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